BioDivDev & RRAPP

The Rapid Risk Assessment App and supporting toolset.

Here is provided opensource tools for working with biodiversity data, specially for supporting the Rapid Risk Assessment App and related tools.

Most of these tools are designed to work with ElasticSearch, DarwinCore Archives from IPTs and JSON data in general, also mostly writen in Clojure and running on the JVM and Docker.

Work started and supported by Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (JBRJ) and National Center for Flora Conservation (CNCFlora).

Lastest Updates

Roadmap and Plans

RRAPP - Rapid Risk Assessment App

Spatial distribution and analysis of aggregated taxonomic and occurrence data.

The Rapid Risk Assessment App is a set of open-source tools to daily collect and serve consolidated taxonomic and occurrence data from various open data sources , perform geospatial analysis that enable rapid risk assessment of country-level biodiversity , and allow simple and directed visualization of the data and results.

Composed of a darwin core archive bot , an indexer/analyser and a user interface. All run with docker-compose.

You can also read the paper published at CSBC 2016 (WCAMA), or the blog article by Eduardo Dalcin(in portuguese).

Other tools

DarwinCore Bot

A Bot that crawls resources from IPTs and index them at ElasticSearch.

DarwinCore IO and DarwinCore Analysis and

Clojure library to read, validate and convert between format of DarwinCore, and another library to run analysis on them.